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Palantir Journal System

Post your group accounting journals directly from Excel

With Palantir Journal system you will be able to store all journal related information in Excel
from where you will be able to create, search, analyze and post them.

The main features

Linked Bookings

Streamline your bookings by keeping the journal and the underlying calculations in the same Excel file. With Palantir you have the freedom to base some or all of the journal bookings on formula calculations – all backed by the full power of Microsoft Excel. Post them directly from Excel with the click of a button.

Search and Find

Filter on actuality, period, person, entity or any of the many other filtering options, to quickly find any journal. All journals are searchable, regardless of age.

Powerful Reports

Analyze and get both overview and details from journal bookings by using the powerful pivot reports that are integrated into the system.

Reuse Existing Investments

With Palantir you can with a few clicks turn an existing Excel file with calculations, into a journal file. Within seconds you can start booking your journals right where you always have done your calculations.

Request a demo!

For more information and a demonstration of the system, please call +46 (0)8 10 00 80 or send an email to

There is more…

Journal System Integration

Palantir integrates with HFM and other group consolidation systems, ensuring that journals booked in Palantir are available also in any other system where they are needed.

Simple Deployment

Choose whether to deploy it using our auto-updating roll-out mechanism, or bundle it into your IT-departments on package management system. Regardless of your choice, we support you.

Access Control

Only authorized users have access to the system. Select between normal user and administrator.

Conflict Management

Palantir handles any conflicts that can occur in multi-user scenarios. You get proper notification in all scenarios and are in control of the changes that are made to the database.

Quick Entry

When editing journal bookings, Palantir provides user interfaces with searchable select boxes for quick edit of fields such as Entity, Account and ICP. Start typing and Palantir lists the matching choices.

We will help you along the way

  • Implementation

    As a part of the implementation process we will be able to offer a number of services. For instance we will be able to customize our systems to meet your organization´s requirements. We will be able to custom build add on modules to our existing products or integrate our products with other systems you are using. If the needs of your organization changes over time you may add functionality or integrate our products with other systems at a later date.
  • Data Transfer

    In connection with an implementation of one of our products you may want to transfer existing data from other sources to the Palantir database. This could be data from other databases, from Excel files or from other types of software. We will be able to help you to convert this data and populate our database as a part of an implementation process. This could include users, entity data, figures or other structured data. We will also be able to help you to cross-check the information to sort out duplicates or inconsistencies in the converted data.
  • Integrations

    The Journal system can be integrated with your existing group accounting software. This process is something Palantir will be able to help you with. An integration could be set up mainly in two ways, an automated full integration and a file transfer integration which involves manual work in the form of extracting a file from Palantir and uploading it to the group accounting system.
  • Training

    Palantir offers training services for all our products. Training is essential as a part of the implementation process, but also later on when new users start to use the software. Our training programs can be tailored to fit the needs of each customer ensuring that all users get the maximum benefit from participating in the program.

Technical specifications

Palantir Journal System is an Excel based system. For normal usage and administration, it consists of a client Excel Add-In and a central database. By utilizing the Click Once setup technology of .NET framework, the system users can install the client Add-In themselves simply by clicking on the link to an intranet web site or a file share containing the installation.

Client Requirements
  • Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
  • Excel 2010 or later
Database Requirements
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or 2012

Change log

Version 1.4 (November 19th, 2015)

It is now possible to…

  • recreate an entire journal Excel sheet from the information stored in the database.
  • use almost any formatting on the journal section such as changing font, color, font size, etc.

Version 1.3 (June 17th, 2014)

  • Improved conflict management.
  • Option to automatically show account description in journal sheet.

Version 1.2 (January 19th, 2014)

  • More filter options in the pivot reports

Version 1.1 (February 26th, 2013)

  • Minor improvements and fixes.

Version 1.0 (January 30th, 2013)

The first version of the Excel-based journal system.

  • Entry of journals directly in Excel with possibility to link journals from formulas.
  • Search and find journals.
  • Conflict management.
  • Pivot reports.

Would you like to know more about the system?

For more information and a demo, please call +46 (0)8 10 00 80 or send an email to