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Web-based Tax & Legal Data Management

Palantir Platform keeps track of global entity data, the ownership structure, numbers and documents.
All data is historically searchable and presented in many overviews and reports.

The modules

Corporate Information

Improve your legal entity management by collecting and structuring all entity related information in one place from where you can easily keep track of it over time and search out the information you need. Highly customizable to collect and build history on the information that is important for your organization.


Palantir has implemented a solution for collecting data related to BEPS Action 13 Country-by-Country reporting. This feature allows corporations to collect and structure info on e.g. business activities, country-by-country and local/master-file data. For more information go to

Associated Persons

Collect information on past and present Directorships and other key personnel. Easily find in which entities a person is member of the board and change that persons status for all entities in one go. Find all entities which have appointed a certain auditor or in which entities a person is or has been a member of the board.

Tax Risk Exposure & IFRIC 23

Palantir Tax Risk Exposure & IFRIC 23 reporting allows your group to efficiently collect and structure tax risks throughout the group and keep track of them over time. Collect information on risk category, risk types, what year the risk relates to, risk level, provisions, documents and more. The module will keep track of IFRIC 23 items and related information. For more information go to

Shareholdings / Transactions

Keep track of all entity related transactions be it acquisitions, disposals, share issues or any other transaction. From this information Palantir automatically creates the current legal ownership structure as well as keeps track of all past structures, allowing you to view them by the click of a button.

Principal Subsidiaries

With the principal subsidiaries module a group will be able to collect information and quickly sort out the subsidiaries which meet the criteria for qualifying as a principal subsidiary as specified by banks in their syndicated loans agreements.

Contract Management

The Contract Management solution is a powerful tool to keep track of all internal and external contracts in force as well as expired contracts. The solution is an integrated part of the platform and allows you to monitor contracts, keep track of action items per contract, appoint responsible people and many more functions for managing and storing your contracts.


Save all your entity related documents in one place where all other entity related data is stored. You are able to store any format (pdf, word etc) and type of document, e.g. annual reports, certificate of registration, board minutes or any other type of your choice.

Contact Persons

Store information on useful contacts for each entity in Palantir. By adding people to contact for specific issues you will be able to find the suitable person to get in touch with quickly.

Visio Add-In

Create customizable charts of the legal ownership structure with Microsoft Visio

The Platform has an add on to Microsoft Visio which makes it possible to fetch ownership data from the Palantir database. From this data it is possible to search out the companies and ownership structure you would like to draw up and have the Visio add-in automatically draw it for you.

The chart is highly customizable and allow you to fine tune the drawing both in terms what is shown and the formatting of the chart. Examples of this could be to exclude dormant entities, to change the colors to match your organizations´ brand profile, to add comments for a specific company or to show what division each entity belongs to.

It is possible to include complex ownership structures, e.g. cross-ownerships, part ownerships, indirect ownerships, branches, joint ventures and several other entity types for many hundreds of companies at the same time.

The chart module will allow you to make the charts directly accessible via the web based platform which enables users without Visio to view the charts. Users with access rights to view the entities in the charts will then be able to view relevant charts.

There is more…


Each user will find a personalized dashboard when logged on to the platform. On this dashboard the status of the reporting and outstanding items will be listed as well as other useful information. From here the Superadministrator will be able to quickly get control of the current reporting period and address the most urgent issues.

Reports and Overviews

There are a number of useful reports which comes pre-installed with the software. These reports will allow you to follow reporting changes on a detailed level and to analyse and find the data you are looking for. Reports in Palantir are flexible and can be customized to your preferences. Use filters to sort out data you are interested in and export the result to Excel.


Always have access to the most current as well as all past legal ownership structures with the click of a button. Make advanced searches on the entities and have Palantir draw up the structure which matches your search, e.g. view all active companies which are owned to more than 50% and belongs to a certain segment.

Warning Flags

Set up numerous checks of the data which is reported into the platform. The checks are customizable for each customer and allow you to highlight errors for the reporters directly at the time of input. This will bring down the administration required to achieve high quality data.


To keep track of the reporting progress you may use the sign-off function where users can tick of the things they have completed. This gives the administrator a good overview of how much works remain before the period can be closed.

Email Reminders

Use the automated email reminder function to send out emails to a selected number of users. For example let the platform send out reminder to all people with outstanding errors or that have not signed off their companies.

Access System

Palantir comes with a full-grown role-based access control system. Access rights can be granted directly on users, or indirectly through groups. Access to entities can be effectively managed by grouping them on e.g. division or country. Advanced access management is possible where e.g. local administrators can be appointed. This enables both centralized and decentralized groups to utilize the platform to its maximum.

User Accounts

Palantir support integration with your Active Directory so users can use their normal Windows credentials for login or other log on services such as SAML2. It is also possible to use local accounts that only are present in Palantir. For local accounts, your groups password policies can still be enforced as Palantir supports a number of customizable password policies.

Full Audit Trail

The audit trail function logs all reporting changes that occur in the platform, who made the changes and at what date and time. This makes it possible to follow every type of information and all changes, deletions and updates that have occurred.

Complex Ownership Changes

Be able to make many transactions in one bundle which facilitates the booking of complex changes in the ownership structure. In a restructuring process it could also be very useful to make transactions using the bundle as this enable you to keep all related transactions in one place which easily can be found at a later date.

Real-time Updates

When viewing company information, Palantir ensures that users always have access to the latest information. As soon as a change is made, the information is updated in all users’ browsers. If incorrect or incomplete data is entered causing the number of error flags to increase or decrease, all authorized users are immediately notified.


Each customer is unique and have their specific requirements. Palantir has therefore built a highly flexible platform with the possibility for the customer to make settings to their preferences. In addition Palantir can add functionality to make the platform fit to your specific needs.

We will help you along the way

  • Implementation

    As a part of the implementation process we will be able to offer a number of services. For instance we will be able to customize our systems to meet your organization´s requirements. We will be able to custom build add on modules to our existing products or integrate our products with other systems you are using. If the needs of your organization changes over time you may add functionality or integrate our products with other systems at a later date.
  • Data Transfer

    In connection with an implementation of one of our products you may want to transfer existing data from other sources to the Palantir database. This could be data from other databases, from Excel files or from other types of software. We will be able to help you to convert this data and populate our database as a part of an implementation process. This could include users, entity data, figures or other structured data. We will also be able to help you to cross-check the information to sort out duplicates or inconsistencies in the converted data.
  • Integrations

    Palantir Company Register can be integrated with other systems. Example of this is integration with the group accounting system to reconcile the group structure or the book value of shares, integration with your employee-register for automatic log on or integration with Companies House for automated filing of mandatory information.
  • Training

    Palantir offers training services for all our products. Training is essential as a part of the implementation process, but also later on when new users start to use the software. Our training programs can be tailored to fit the needs of each customer ensuring that all users get the maximum benefit from participating in the program.

Technical specifications

Palantir Company Register 2.0 is a web based platform which can be provided both as a service (SaaS) and as an on-premise installation. Normal usage and administration is carried out online using a standard web browser. Drawing of Visio charts is done directly from Visio using the Palantir Company Register Visio Add-In. The Add-In is installed using ClickOnce which enables automatic updates from the web server.

Client Requirements (one of the following browsers)
  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox 4 (or later)
Visio Drawers Additional Requirements
  • Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10
  • Visio 2010 or later

On-Premise Additional Requirements

Web Server Requirements
  • Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012
  • IIS 7 or later
  • .NET Framework 4.5.2 (automatically includes the required ASP.NET 4.0)
Database Requirements
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008, 2012, or 2014

Change log

Version 3.2 (October 4th, 2018)

Added features
  • BEPS Business Activity: copy data from another period in one click
  • BEPS Analytics: segment support in reports and charts
  • BEPS Analytics: multiple comparison reports
  • BEPS Analytics: copy Statutory Tax Rates from another period
Improved/replaced features
  • BEPS: more options for customizing the BEPS XML export
  • Microsoft Visio Add-In: more formatting options

Version 3.1 (June 20th, 2018)

Added features
  • Shareholdings: Class of Shares Entity Report
  • Dashboard for each module
  • GDPR Support
Improved/replaced features
  • Menu restructuring to improve usability
  • Complete makeover of the admin area

Version 3.0 (April 16th, 2018)

New modules
  • Contracts
Added features
  • Associated Persons: Organization History: new sub-module where you can collect information about accounting firms, auditing firms, etc.
  • Shareholdings: Ownership Report by Date
  • Shareholdings: Custom Tree Templates: create a custom template for when exporting the Tree Report to Microsoft Excel
  • Tax Risk Exposure: IFRIC 23 support
  • Special Reports: Legal Report: new grid that aggregates data from the Corporate Information, Associated Persons and Shareholdings modules
Improved/replaced features
  • BEPS 13 Analytics: the filters in the charts have been enhanced
  • Special Reports: Reporting Changes and Audit Trail: usability improvements
  • Email Management: new tags have been added as well as the possibility to send emails to all users/local admins
  • Microsoft Visio Add-In: performance improvements
  • API updates

Version 2.8 (October 16th, 2017)

Added features
  • Corporate Information: VAT Number History (and VAT Number Files)
  • Shareholdings: Support for P.E. in the Tree Report
  • BEPS 13: Files and Files Period Report (all BEPS 13 files in two new grids)
  • BEPS 13: Additional Info (table 3): Add one or many additional information items each period
  • Contact Person Report: See which Role(s) a person has in each Company
  • Sign-Off: ‘Sign-Off All’ button: Added to facilitate the workflow
Improved/replaced features
  • Company Documents (previously ‘Documents’): This module has been reworked and renamed to improve usability
  • Shareholdings: Transaction Files have received a more prominent place in the Shareholdings module
  • BEPS 13: Local File (Company/Country): Support for multiple Local Files has been added
  • BEPS 13: Master Files: Support for multiple Master Files has been added
  • BEPS 13: XML Export: The XML Schema has been updated to OECD version 1.0.1 (includes support for stateless entities)
  • Tax Exposure: Issue Files have gained a more prominent place in the Tax Exposure module
  • API updates

Version 2.7 (May 22nd, 2017)

Added features
  • Corporate Information: Permanent Establishment Support
  • BEPS 13: Import Business Activity via Excel
  • BEPS 13: Company Selection
Improved/replaced features
  • Contact Persons: This module has been reworked to improve usability making the distinction between a Contact Person and an External Person clearer.
  • External Persons: The access model and the UI has been updated.
  • API updates

Version 2.6.2 (March 10th, 2017)

Added features
  • Shareholdings: Counterparty transactions
  • Shareholdings: Ownership Report
  • BEPS 13: Warning Flags for Business Activity and Country-by-Country
Improved/replaced features
  • Shareholdings: More columns has been inserted to the grids and tables to help locate period changes faster.
  • Shareholdings: Transaction details view: Tabs with Internal Shareholders and External Shareholders has been added.
  • The Microsoft Visio Add-In: It is now possible to automatically include subsidiaries and owned companies in the charts.

Version 2.6 (December 2nd, 2016)

New modules
  • BEPS 13 Analytics
Added features
  • Microsoft Visio Add-In: Archive drawings
  • Microsoft Visio Add-In: Copy drawings
Improved/replaced features
  • Performance improvements
  • Side menu rearranged
  • Name/Keyword changes

Version 2.5 (September 9th, 2016)

Added features
  • Tax Residence History: collect TINs and related data
  • API: fetch data from the platform via a JSON API
  • Secret Documents: manage classified documents
  • BEPS 13 Country-by-Country: import data via Excel
Improved/replaced features
  • Documents: more overviews and reports
  • Documents: support for document categories

Version 2.4 (June 3rd, 2016)

New modules
  • Tax Exposure
Added features
  • Additional VAT numbers: facilitates when a Company has VAT numbers registered in other countries
  • Copy Currency Rates from one period to another
Improved/replaced features
  • Completely new design
  • The Local Admin permissions have become more fine-grained
  • Connect a Document Type to one or many Reporting Categories to limit document access
  • Possible to Lock Companies for the Reporting Categories ‘Corporate Information’, ‘Associated Persons’ and ‘Shareholdings’ separately
  • Performance improvements
  • More reports
  • More shortcuts

Version 2.3 (October 16th, 2015)

New modules
  • BEPS 13
Added features
  • Associate documents with transactions

Version 2.2 (September 4th, 2015)

New modules
  • Principal Subsidiaries
Added features
  • FATCA Status History added to Corporate Information
  • Copy User Permissions (from one user to another)
Improved/replaced features
  • Microsoft Visio Add-In: Drawing performance improved

Version 2.1 (July 2nd, 2015)

New modules
  • Document management: Upload a file or set an URL to a file and associate it with one or more companies.
Added features
  • Microsoft Visio Add-In: Theme formatting settings can now be applied individually per chart.
  • Microsoft Visio Add-In: Charts can now be disconnected from the platform preventing further updates to the drawing.
Improved/replaced features
  • Improved effective permissions report for users/groups.
  • Improved effective permissions report for companies.

Version 2.0 (May 27th, 2015)

After working hard for over a year, we have now successfully moved the platform to the web. Using the latest web techniques the platform comes with a user-friendly interface and real-time updates.

New modules
  • Contact persons: Store useful contacts for each entity.
Added features
  • Bundles: a way to group multiple transactions together.
  • View charts created in Visio directly in the Company Register (under Reports).
  • Full audit trail of all reported data, as well as a report to easily find and filter the data.
  • More overviews, for example Transactions and Transaction Sums.
Improved/replaced features
  • A new powerful and flexible access system for your legal entity management
  • A brand new Microsoft Visio add-in for drawing the owner structure.
  • Windows login added, so now you can choose Windows, username + password or both.
  • Dashboard: Better overview of the changes/progress in the current reporting period.
  • Lock Companies: functionality and interface was improved.
  • Email management: improved template handling and send email interface.
  • A complete overhaul of the settings to facilitate the customization of the platform.
  • A remodeled filter for the tree increasing usability.
  • Re-designed reports for better overviews.
Note! While v. 1.0 is still in use, all development is focused on the web version (2.x).

Would you like to know more about the platform?

For more information and a demo, please call +46 (0)8 10 00 80 or send an email to