About Palantir

About Us

Since 1989 Palantir has been a leading provider of tax reporting, entity data and entity management software. Many large multinational groups use our flexible and time saving solutions to maximize efficiency and increase quality in their daily work.

Palantir is dedicated to serving the information needs of large and medium sized groups. This is achieved by providing systems for collecting, sorting, storing, analyzing and presenting tax, legal, financial and related information in a structured and searchable way.

During the early days Palantir started out by developing tax solutions for large corporations. Later on Palantir branched out to also include a company register and a journal system. Development of new products and features are often customer driven and we constantly try to catch when new needs arise and implement solutions for these into our software in order to increase the value we deliver to our customers.

The first systems developed by Palantir were desktop applications integrated with Excel. In the early 2000 Palantir moved on to develop stand alone desktop solutions mainly for the company register. During the last years Palantir has started to migrate our products to being cloud based solutions. The first solution that has been migrated is the Company Register and the new cloud based generation was released in 2015 on our modular platform. The first migration was swiftly followed by the launch of our BEPS action point 13 reporting module and the add-on module Tax Exposure as well as other modules.

The migration to web based applications is part of a new expansion plan for Palantir. Our main markets have traditionally been the Nordic countries where we will continue to grow. But we are also expanding into new markets and develop new applications to enhance our offering. Palantir now has presence in Europe, the US, Africa and Asia. The last years Palantir has grown both in terms of the number of new customers and in terms of the number of employees. Our aim is to continue this growth and firmly establish Palantir as the leading provider of head office technology combining legal tech, finance tech and tax tech, a combination which creates a powerful solution.

The Management Team

Peter Öhling

Peter Ohling

Chief Executive Officer

Peter has the daily responsibility for the growth of the company, the continued development of the products and Palantir´s international expansion. Before joining Palantir he held various positions within tax, group accounting and accounting at several large cap groups. Peter has a Master’s degree in Commercial Law and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

peter.ohling*palantir.se +46 72 512 91 97
Lennart Svantesson

Lennart Svantesson

Chief Operating Officer and Head of Sales

Lennart is responsible for sales and key account management in the company. Before joining Palantir he was tax partner att PwC and Skeppsbron Skatt with focus on information management, tax and compliance. Lennart has a Master’s degree in Law.

lennart.svantesson*palantir.se +46 70 486 77 76
Lennart Karlsson

Lennart Karlsson

Chief Technology Officer

Lennart is responsible for product development and our technical platforms. He is involved in all technical issues and does a fair bit of development himself. He has been working with software and product development throughout his career, often as technical responsible or tech lead. Lennart has studied at the Master of Computer Science and Engineering program at Linköping Technical University.

lennart.karlsson*palantir.se +46 73 842 70 20

Outsourcing and Support


Ida Ala

Application Specialist

Ida is responsible for staffing services and for developing Palantir´s different training programs. She is also assisting in Palantir´s international expansion having extensive experience from studying and working in China and Japan. Ida speaks fluent Mandarin and Japanese, has a University Diploma in Export sales and a Bachelor’s degree in Mandarin.


The Palantir name

The name Palantir comes from the Palantír stones which are mentioned in the Lord of the rings trilogy by Tolkien. A Palantír is a spherical stone which can be used to communicate with other stones and to gather information from any part of the world. Read more about the Palantír stones on Wikipedia.

This website

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