Palantir develops business intelligence systems which facilitate the collection, storage, structuring, analysis and presentation of key management data. Our systems were first developed in 1989 to serve large- and medium-sized organizations, and continue to undergo development in order to deliver the solutions that our customers demand.


Palantir Platform

Palantir Platform keeps track of global entity data, the ownership structure, numbers, specialized tasks and documents. All data is historically searchable, interconnected and presented in overviews and reports.

Palantir Corporate Tax

Palantir Corporate Tax is a tax consolidation system which calculates and secures the quality of global tax reporting from your subsidiaries. It is based on Excel and can be custom built to include your existing tax reporting forms.

Palantir Journal System

Palantir Journal System enhances the management and posting of journals to your group consolidation system. It is based on Excel which enables calculation, posting and storage of all journals directly from an Excel file.

Latest News

On January 1, 2019, IFRIC 23 – Uncertain tax positions, will enter into force. This will require you to collect certain data concerning your uncertain tax positions, update and keep track of them over time. IFRIC 23 requires that you update data regularly and recalculate your positions according to the IFRIC 23 framework. Palantir will help you to set up …

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